October Monthly Challenge – Sign up Now!

October Monthly Challenge – Sign up Now!

Starting on Monday 4th October we have our Stripped October Challenge!!

One Pot Month!

As part of our “Easy Eating” movement we are bringing out 20 new “One Pot” recipes to help make your life easy whilst losing body fat! Below are your first 5 being released on Friday!

  • Chicken Peppercorn One Pot
  • Breakfast One Pot
  • Minted Lamb One Pot
  • Sausage & Lentil One Pot
  • Chicken & Bacon Carbonara One Pot

Each month we introduce an activity challenge that will help you help you get your steps in and get the most out of your movement! We show you how to put meal ideas together to create a perfect high protein meal plan! Daily nutrition tips are there to keep you motivated and we help you set your own performance goal for the month giving you something to aim for!

If you feel like you need a boost for the next month and feel like this is something that is right up your street then get yourself signed up (Join us – button below) here for £15 for the month


Take advantage of our Winter Special! Get yourself signed up to 3 months for the price of 2!!! £30 for October, November & December!!! (new members only)

• We are big advocates for the “strong not skinny” movement and here to change your mindset! understanding that you don’t have to do 15hrs of Cardio per day and eat nothing but salad to get a ripped body – if you learn how to train effectively whilst eating nice tasting food you have the recipe for success!! 😍😍💪🏼💪🏼

Are you in?? 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

The Stripped Plan is a complete online fitness, nutrition and wellbeing package designed to fit around your life! With a dedicated app and private member groups take us with you wherever you go! We run monthly food challenges that allow you to try all of our different recipes! (Vegan & Vegetarian options too!) This is not a diet plan it’s your new-found way of life and we know you’ll never look back! 😉

Who are we?

We are Tim and Rachel Foley! A husband and wife team that own a private studio and personal brand TR Fitness. We have backgrounds in Sport and Exercise Science, Nutrition, Personal Training, Advanced Group Exercise Instructing and are both former professional Muay Thai Fighters! We are real people who enjoy nothing but a good night out with a few drinks, a good hearty pizza and a big night in in front of the tv with a big bar of chocolate! We also love exercise, feeling strong and full of energy! We know how to still enjoy the fun things in life whilst reaching our goals! With no judgement, pressure or fad diets just good food and lots of knowledge and experience, we can’t wait to share with you The Stripped Plan and how it can work for you!

What do we get?

  • A full timetable of over 18 live classes per week including Body Combat, HIIT, Legs Bums and Tums, Body Conditioning, Coreblast, Yoga, Meditation, Stretch and Tone and our brand new EXCLUSIVE to Stripped members class TR SQUARED!!
  • All classes recorded so they are available to view on demand to fit in with your lifestyle!
  • Weekly “Challenge Workouts” set by TR Fitness released every Tuesday.
  • A personalised nutrition plan with a purpose-built APP! This is where your macros are calculated, you have access to over 400 recipes – all created by us! And you gain access to all of our knowledge libraries – full of useful tips and research to help you get the best out of your plan
  • Health & Wellbeing Chats – sometimes it’s not just about food and exercise, we understand that there is a lot going on in your lives too! Chat with us live about how to best manage stressful situations and hectic lifestyles.
  • Live Cookery Demos – with a professional food prep background, we can give you the best insider knowledge and latest tips on how to make the most out of all of your meals! We cook meals from start to finish so that you can see how simple they really are as well as tasty and nutritious!
  • Weekly education emails – ranging from the importance of hydration, hormones and fuelling for exercise. Knowledge is power! 😉
  • Grenade Discount! – we have teamed up with Grenade team to bring you a whopping 40% off Grenade products including sportswear!
  •  A private Facebook/Instagram community group to share all of your successes, questions and food photos. Full of supportive like-minded people to share your journey with. Rachel & Tim are there to coach you daily through your workouts and are also at the other end of a message to keep you on track!