Monthly Challenges

Monthly Challenges

If you’ve been feeling a little bit like you’re in a rut and you can’t get motivated – well this is literally going to strip every thing back and get you ready to restart your Stripped Life!!

  • Focusing on really simple recipes
  • Giving you weekly Activity/Challenge/Targets to reach
  • Helping you understand the basics of Macros
  • A guide to calories and your “Optimal amount”
  • Why restrictive diets can damage your progress
  • A handy guide to eating out/drinking out
  • How to enjoy yourself and still hit your targets

We’re stripping your diet right back and getting you familiar with the basics! Along with drilling the all of the principles behind Stripped 💪🏼

Who’s ready to keep things simple 💓


We will have 3 different approaches to The Stripped Plan so that you can find the right way for you!

  1. The Macros Plan (good for those that like to plan and like structure)
  2. The Set Menu Plan (good for those that like to be told what to eat and struggle with thinking up meals!)
  3. The Flexicals Plan (good for those that like to plan their own meals, enjoy extra snacks but find it easy to hit their proteins)

Each plan has a specific set of rules that will help guide you to the same goal – putting you in a calorie deficit! The one consistent thing that is in all plans – we encourage you to hit your recommended proteins and we make sure you hit your recommended calorie target! Both of these things will ensure you hit your goals each month!

We are SUPER EXCITED to announce that we have also updated our Stripped Plan App with some amazing new features including:

  1. Full Workout Library containing 100’s of on demand workouts with 5 different instructors!
  2. Easy to Find Recipes personally created by us! with new thumbnail images making it easy to choose – including – breakfasts, low carb, high carb, vegan, vegetarian, Fakeaways, snacks and sauces
  3. FOOD DIARY!! This is the exciting bit! You now have the functionality to drag and drop our recipes into your own food diary which then calculates your macros using our trademark “Macros System” making sure you stay within your calorie deficit.
  4. Stats Page – As you progress through each week you can update your stats page with weight, and measurements that is stored as a graph so that you can see your body changing each week!!

We are so excited to have launched this version of our app!! It has made life so much easier for our Strippers already and we know you’ll love the plan once you join! Here is what else you can expect when you sign up to the plan:

Includes the following:

🟠 Full Nutrition Plan – Personalised Macros & Preset Menus 🥗

🟠 Online Live Workouts – over 20 classes per week to take part in live with us through Facebook 🏋🏻‍♂️

🟠 Purpose built app with over 500 recipes 🌯

🟠 Private Community Social Media Groups with likeminded members 📲

🟠 Buddy groups for when you need some more private support with a smaller group of likeminded strippers 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️

🟠 New Recipe emails 👩🏻‍💻

🟠 Sunday night and Friday night live chats with weekly topics – including motivation/stress management etc… 🗣

🟠 Live cookery demos 👩‍🍳 👨‍🍳

We’re very excited for this next monthly challenge! And we know it will be the best thing you do for you!! So what are you waiting for…?

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Are you ready to make a change this time around? If you are sick of trying something new every few months and failing, then get yourself ready to make a lifelong change! £15/month for as long as you need us 🎉